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PPC, or pay-per click, is an advertising model in which advertisers’ ads are displayed to users of search engines such as Google. The searcher enters their search terms – also known as a “query” – into the search engine, before being presented with results relevant to their search. Text-based ads are often displayed to users of search engines, and whenever a user clicks on one of these ads, the advertiser is charged (hence the term “pay-per-click”).

In order to display their ads to search engine users, advertisers bid on keywords – terms and phrases including specific words – that are likely to appear in search queries. For example, a landscaping business may bid on keywords such as “landscaping services,” “landscapers,” or “lawn care services.” The amount an advertiser bids on a certain keyword determines how much they are charged each time a user clicks on their ads.

Bid costs can vary widely depending on a range of factors, and the competitiveness of a keyword is one of the most important. Keyword competition can be assessed primarily based on two variables: how many times people search for that keyword on average in a given month, and how many advertisers are actively bidding on it.

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Google Adwords Management Wilmington NC | PPC Optimization Company

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Google Adwords Management Wilmington NC | PPC Optimization Company